At first glance, Longhorns do not look like the typical beef cattle breeds, but their meat is very popular with connoisseurs and is a real “delicacy”.

The meat from Texas Longhorn cattle impresses with its incomparably rich beef taste. In addition to its fine taste, it is considered extremely healthy because it contains less cholesterol than the meat of chickens or turkeys and is also much leaner than the meat of other breeds of cattle.

Due to the extensive husbandry system, longhorns are generally not fattened, but only receive fresh grass in the pasture and hay. They grow up slowly and with lots of exercise in the fresh air. The composition of the meat is therefore not comparable to standard beef. It contains significantly more unsaturated, i.e. good, fatty acids and hardly any saturated ones. According to recent studies, the meat yield per animal is also better than, for example, Hereford or Angus.

The meat from Texas Longhorn cattle is not only a rarity, but also a culinary highlight.

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