About Us

We are agricultural newcomers and founded our own farm at the beginning of 2017 with which we are fulfilling a lifelong dream. Our goal of a life close to nature and growing up for our children in the middle of the beautiful landscape of the Mühlviertel has thus been achieved.

Before implementing our project, we researched for a long time and intensively about various animal husbandry options and came across the keeping and breeding of Texas Longhorn cattle.

Since I lived in Texas for some time, I was immediately enthusiastic about the idea of keeping these wonderful animals myself, which are part of the country's cultural heritage and history. After much preparation and construction work, our first 6 Longhorns moved in in December 2018.

In 2020 we were happy about the first three calves. We are amazed at how easy and problem-free these animals are to handle. All three births went like a picture book, the calves are fit and the mothers are caring.

For us, animal welfare and natural management are at the center of our daily work. Our animals live on pasture all year round and have access to the stable. The calves are born in the herd and grow up “in the family”. Our breeding bull Henry is always there and keeps a close eye on his ladies and the little ones. If they become too cocky, he intervenes and gently teaches them manners. This means our animals are well socialized. Our first own calf “Nino” supports Henry in his work as a breeding bull and, as a young bull, has the task of bringing some diversity into our breeding program.

Due to daily contact with us humans and other animals (horses, dogs, cats, etc.), our Longhorns are very calm and sociable in everyday life. It's a real pleasure to work with them.

As breeders, we pay attention to quality in every respect. In addition to their excellent character, our animals have impeccable health status, are regularly dewormed and are constantly tested for common cattle diseases. The ancestry of each breeding calf can be precisely traced using a DNA test and all animals are registered with a pedigree with the breeding associations ITLA and TLBAA in the USA. Our cattle meet the breeding specifications and breed characteristics of the Texas Longhorn Associations and we are constantly expanding our knowledge through international training and close contact with breeders and breeding organizations in the USA.

What you can expect from the Handlos Cattle Company:

- Breed-typical Texas Longhorn cattle with top genetics
- Breeding papers from the breeding associations ITLA and TLBAA from the USA
- Complete proof of ancestry using DNA analysis
- Perfect health proven by blood tests
- Good-natured and calm character of the cattle